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Access smart call management features with City Horizon Cloud PBX

Our Cloud PBX Service allows you to take complete control of your organisation’s telephony services.

More and more companies are moving away from a traditional PBX, transitioning to a hosted solution able to leverage all the benefits that cloud-based telephony has to offer.

City Horizon Cloud PBX is a complete business phone system – a hosted communications service that provides businesses with extensive fixed and mobile telephony capabilities, accessed via an easy-to-use web portal that enables you to take exacting control of your telephony.

Benefits of Horizon Hosted Phone System

360 Management

Manage your organisation’s entire communications from multiple sites down to individual users via a simple interface.

Business Grade

Save money while improving the interoperability between your mobiles and your fixed telephones using our business-grade network. Perfect for small businesses to large enterprises.

Audio Excellence

Leverage our exceptional quality of service that delivers the same audio quality of a fixed line but via cloud-based phone system, compatible with IP handsets.

End to End

Benefit from an end-to-end service that covers all your needs – from handsets and core network access to onsite installation, training and user guides.

Next Gen

Cater for millennials who are set to become the largest generation in your workforce and expect any technology to be fast, accessible and on-demand.

Citycom Cloud Collaborate

In today’s digital-first world, businesses need to be more agile than ever before, able to respond to customers quickly by ensuring employees are equipped to handle a constant flow of queries across multiple channels.

Built on the award-winning Horizon business phone system, Horizon Collaborate addresses all these needs, designed for companies looking to improve productivity, increase collaborative team working and accelerate business decision making to better serve customers.

Employee Productivity

Transform how quickly and efficiently information is shared, satisfying customers’ demands more quickly as well as increasing employee productivity.

Greater Functionality

Replace multiple comms products with a single UC package to drive down IT costs and increase functionality.

Improved Experiences

Improve employee experience and engagement by giving them access to a range of multi channel communications accessible via our single application.

Instant Comms

Provide comms tools that permit users to find the right person in an instant, enhancing decision making and efficiency.

Next Gen

Cater for Millennials and Gen-Z who are set to become the largest generation in your workforce and expect any technology to be fast, accessible and on-demand.

Citycom Contact

Citycom Contact is the integrated business communication and customer contact centre solution that simplifies customer interaction.

Perfect for organisations who want to make it easier for customers to engage with them and unlike most Contact Centre solutions, Citycom Contact provides an easy to use, self-service feature set, for small to medium businesses, at a price point they can afford.

Citycom Contact is a cloud-based contact centre solution that is designed specifically to work in conjunction with Horizon and Collaborate.

CityCom Cloud PBX

Extensive reporting

Complete with a comprehensive reporting tool that enables multiple reports to be created across all channels.

Access anytime, anywhere

Horizon Contact is cloud-based and as such Agents can log into any device and work anytime, anywhere. Because Horizon Contact uses WebRTC, agents can have the same user experience wherever they have internet access.

Quick and scalable

A scalable solution from 2 – 500 seats with the option to add licences at any time as and when your business grows.

CRM integration

Horizon Contact has a fully integrated CRM solution, allowing you to manage all customer interactions within a single consolidated database. Also offering integration with Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, other CRM integrations coming soon.

Guaranteed Service Availability

Gamma have built an architecture that will deliver at least a 99.99% uptime SLA. Built across four Gamma data centres, the distributed architecture means loss of any single site won’t impact the ability to service customers.

Product Options

Personalise how you communicate with Horizon.

A business-grade cloud PBX for Microsoft users

Businesses looking to enable voice within their Microsoft Teams can now use Horizon for Microsoft Teams to make and receive calls globally, and benefit from a feature-rich, cost-effective alternative to Microsoft Calling Plans.

Benefit from our highly available, carrier-grade voice network and the features of a traditional on-premises PBX, hosted within the cloud, for a long-term solution with no large upfront outlays.

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Bringing voice to Microsoft Teams with one simple application

Horizon for Microsoft Teams enables your business to use Microsoft’s Teams application as a Horizon endpoint to make and receive telephone calls using Gamma’s Direct Routing capability.

This allows you to take advantage of your existing Microsoft infrastructure with Horizon to support complex business voice requirements, all provisioned within a simple application.

What do I need?

For an organisation to enable Horizon for Microsoft Teams, the following components are required:

  • Office 365 Enterprise subscription (E1, E3 or E5)
  • Microsoft Phone System add-on (with E1, E3)
  • A Horizon subscription with the Horizon for Microsoft Teams bolt-on
  • An internet connection

Bring the power of Horizon to your Windows desktop, laptop, Android or iOS device and access a range of features to ensure your colleagues and customers are always in contact.

The Horizon Desktop Client lets you connect your office phone to your preferred business device, such as a laptop or PC. It works seamlessly with the Horizon service and mobile client to ensure that you can control your user account and handle calls efficiently, wherever you are. The Horizon Desktop Client provides a new way to interact with Horizon and using existing devices you can reduce the cost of entry to a hosted solution, as well as minimising telephony costs incurred whilst on the move or in different locations.

New features such as Presence and Instant Messaging add to the core Horizon services and provide an informed way of communicating with your colleagues, as well as giving you a new route to gain immediate responses when it might not be convenient to speak on the telephone.

The Android and iOS Apps enable users to make and receive calls on a mobile device, as well as providing access to key settings for their service. It provides all the same functionality as the desktop client above, with the exception of Click to Dial and Group Chat. This is an ideal bolt-on for users who often work remotely or who are regularly on the move with access to WiFi (e.g. in hotels).

  • Make an IP hosted PBX service more cost-effective by using the desktop client as a softphone and simply adding a headset.
  • Reduce telephony costs when on the move or in temporary access points such as hotels, coffee shops and customer premises.
  • Monitor your favourite contacts’ Presence status to check their availability to take calls or to communicate with you.
  • Send an Instant Message to get an immediate response from a colleague when their Presence status tells you it might not be convenient for them to take a voice call.
  • Connect customers who use other messaging services to your company so you can quickly communicate with them and build a new route for direct customer support.
  • Directly control your user account to implement Call Forwarding, Do Not Disturb or other call features.

Unleash even more of Horizon’s capabilities across your desktop with Horizon Integrator.

Horizon Integrator is a powerful piece of software that gives you control of your Horizon telephone system service from your desktop without having to log in to your Horizon hosted phone system UK Portal. It also provides interaction with key programs such as Microsoft Outlook® and Skype for Business®. Our CRM Integrator can be added to enable easy integration with your CRM program, in addition to the full set of features Horizon Integrator offers.

Features include

Call Preview – Available from Outlook. Allows Horizon users to prepare for the incoming call and respond appropriately. This can make the caller feel more welcome and gives a professional feel to your company

Click to Dial – Available from Outlook and web pages. Makes Horizon even simpler to operate as users can make calls instantly and accurately from the information on their screen

Integration with Skype for Business® – Presence changes to reflect On a Call or Do Not Disturb. Improves efficiency as colleagues and customers can only contact you when you are available

Desktop Control – Instant access from the desktop to Call History, Call Forward, Presence and a wealth of other features

Integrator CRM

Integrator CRM takes the Integrator software a step further. Compatible with over 20 of the top CRM packages including Salesforce and Microsoft Dynamics, Integrator CRM helps users to be even more efficient and productive by providing quick access to contacts and the ability to dial directly from your CRM system through to your Horizon cloud phone system.

Horizon Call Queue helps you present a professional image to your customers by managing incoming calls effectively and delivering them to groups, as soon as users become available.

Horizon Call Queue adds a low-cost way of managing your incoming calls professionally and provides constant information and choices to your callers, reducing the risk of losing valuable incoming calls.

Horizon Call Queue ‘Users and Groups’ benefits:

  • Customised messaging – Customise your welcome and hold music and set up a comfort message at timed intervals to let the caller know their call is important.
  • User breakout – Add a specific digit to the Call Queue Group to let a caller break out of the queue to leave a voicemail message
    Queue up to 25 calls.
  • Simultaneous Hunt Group – Instantly deliver the call to all available contacts within the Call Queue Group.

Do you know how many calls you are getting? Do you know how they are being handled or who is handling them?

Horizon offers a number of key measurements through its reporting section. However, there is a growing requirement for more in-depth call management reporting and wall board integration to help organisations gain a real-time understanding of calls.

Through our partnership with Akixi, the leading hosted call-management service provider, you can now get a data feed for your Horizon hosted PBX service, which will let you export the statistics you need to help manage your business.

Additional benefits available by using Akixi:

  • No server on site – Enables multi-site monitoring and supports business continuity through hosted data centres.
  • Real-time stats – Provides wall boards with real-time call-traffic information and alarms to ensure critical routes into the business are constantly monitored.
  • Accessible from any internet-enabled device – Use the service via traditional desktop devices or monitor on the go through your mobile devices
    Push reporting and alarms – Customisable push reporting and alarms to ensure business-critical metrics are always available.
  • Cradle-to-grave reporting – Monitor a call throughout its path with visibility of every divert leg and call detail, easily and accurately segmented for identification.
  • Track after-hours calls – Highlight suspicious activity or unauthorised calling.
  • Abandoned call recovery – Missed a call? See instantly if it has been returned.
  • Activity and extension activity monitoring – Quickly and easily monitor key extension or call routes to ensure maximum efficiency.

By using management reporting you can:

  • Instantly see what needs to be changed to improve customer service.
  • Monitor time to answer and manage calls more efficiently.
  • Analyse internal call patterns.
  • See how many calls are being abandoned with the ability to return them.
  • Optimise resources by ensuring the right number of operators are in place at all times.

Manage incoming calls and call routing to single or multiple sites via a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Horizon Receptionist Console adds a low-cost way of managing your key call routing and monitoring multiple contacts or sites, where this is not achievable through a more traditional phone and side car solution.

Ensure that every one of your calls is answered professionally and efficiently, improve customer service and increase business efficiency with Horizon Receptionist Console.

Receptionist Console benefits:

  • Full control over incoming calls to single or multiple sites, ensuring every call is answered or redirected, as required.
  • Access and monitor up to 800 directory contacts, meaning call routing decisions can be made quickly and efficiently to ensure the best available outcome.
  • Monitoring and manipulation of call queues with caller priority.
  • Establishment and management of multiple conference calls, connecting key contacts and resources to deal with incoming queries in the most effective way.
  • Multiple receptionists managing single or multiple numbers.

Horizon Call Centre is a cloud-based service with an extensive range of inbound call centre capabilities that can be configured and managed via an easy-to-use web portal.

An extension to our Horizon hosted telephony platform, this add-on service enables businesses to easily manage their call centre environments, boost productivity of call centre agents and the overall efficiency of their call centre and help them deliver a first-rate service to their customers.

Horizon Call Centre is ideal for any business that receives inbound calls; for example those with sales teams, help desks, accounts departments, receptionists or customer service representatives, right through to more formal inbound call centre environments.

Call Centre benefits:

  • Intelligent call distribution – ensures calls are answered efficiently and get through to the right people.
  • Quality caller experience – easily monitor inbound call activity, with barge in and emergency escalation when needed.
  • Enables flexible working – as Horizon is a cloud-based VOIP system, agents can be based anywhere. Users can also easily take calls for multiple departments from one device.
  • Quickly escalate difficult customer queries – for those times when agents need support from more senior members of staff.
  • Gain valuable insight – access to historical and real-time data to help address training needs and identify potential gaps in resource during peak times.
  • On-demand, scalable service – customers only pay for what they need and can simply scale up or down when needed.

In a world dominated by mobility and the consumerisation of technology, users demand an effortless experience. They want to use WhatsApp, Twitter, web chat, email, SMS, Facebook and cleverly routed calling to connect. As customers have become channel agnostic, the medium for communication has become less important than the convenience of use and the immediacy of response.

Gamma is partnering with Cirrus, a leading provider of cloud contact centre solutions, to deliver a contact centre capability as part of Horizon, the UK’s number one hosted cloud platform.

We’ve partnered with Cirrus because they have invested in unique technologies and contact centre people, so they understand the operational and commercial challenges you face and also the outcomes you want to achieve. Cirrus specialises in delivering contact centre transformation and we are confident that no other contact centre platform vendor in the UK has more experience.

Connected Technology

Leverage the connected technology stack to explore new ways of working; risk free and at minimal cost. Create new services quickly and easily in your personal sandbox and take them for a test drive. For more complex configurations, experts are available to lend a hand. It’s all part of the service.

Everything you might need is already live and connected to the network. There is no additional software to install, no servers to provision or racks to commission. You have access to instant provisioning and near limitless scalability.

  • Meeting Your Requirements – As standard, we provide you with the capabilities that you have requested – each of these can be fully tailored to meet your business requirements.
  • Resilient, Secure and Scalable – The contact centre solution is hosted across three state-of-the-art data centres, so you can be sure of getting a highly resilient and secure contact solution as well as being able to add users as and when required.
  • Wide Range of Functions – We offer a comprehensive set of standard features that not only meets your needs but offers you the possibility to redefine your customer experience.
  • Best In Class Solution – We passionately believe that we offer the best contact centre solution on the market – it has been designed by contact centre people for contact centre people. The result is the perfect combination of best practice, technology innovation and complete flexibility.
  • Lowest Total Cost of Ownership – With no capital expenditure requirements, our cloud-based solution delivers the functionality you need as an operational expense. In addition to this, we can help to reduce your on-going communication costs associated with your telephony, mobiles and contact centre.
  • Instant Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery – In a disaster, you can route contacts seamlessly to other centres, to mobiles, or even a disaster recovery site. You can precisely control the service you deliver throughout the disaster, informing customers in real time of your service status. All of this can be accessed through the web from any device. You can even invoke disaster plans by calling directly into your telephone numbers.

Product FAQ’s

Cloud PBX has a considerable number of integrations and a very useful TAPI driver as well.

You are able to link your desktop, office phone, mobile phone, Instant Messaging, CRM and other apps for a total unified communications solution, delivered by our network.

Yes, business is changing: Nine times out of ten we will be talking to IT managers. You hardly see telecoms managers in business any more as voice increasingly sits under the IT umbrella.

A huge amount – your organisation’s entire communications, across multiple sites and countries, can be managed easily, right down to the individual user level, through a simple interface.

There is no up-front spend on hardware or software plus hosted telephony means no costly PBX maintenance or upgrades as we are responsible for the hardware and software, including system upgrades. You can also access low-cost and free IP calling.

A telephone system that resides in the cloud rather than in your office. Users access the system through a standard IP handset or a softphone – a screen-based virtual phone with headset. Calls are made/received over a broadband connection to our network. From there they are routed to PSTN fixed and mobile devices.

With only a minimal capital outlay required, Horizon is suitable for any size of business looking to improve its productivity and image.

A site survey is a useful exercise as it enables superfluous services and hardware to be identified, highlighted and considered during the decision-making process. As a cloud-based telephony platform, Citycom lets you dispense with a physical PBX and the associated cost of maintenance and it requires only the simple installation of on-site handsets. For larger, multi-sited customers the savings made will clearly be multiplied. Of course, as well as working seamlessly with our SIP, Ethernet and Broadband products, Citycom Cloud PBX can interface with legacy connections too, making it the totally flexible solution.

Cloud PBX is the perfect platform for organisations that require a professional and simple-to-use interface with the outside world. Schools, public sector organisations, major venue and event operators; each has its own challenges in terms of maintaining staffing levels, training and cost, with the result that often it’s the first line of communications that suffers. Citycom’s Cloud PBX is simple to set up and use and it lets you present a simple, flexible and, above all, totally professional image.

Call quality, as with any communications system, is clearly dependent on the underlying access available. With our Ethernet and Broadband products delivering the service to your locations, you can be assured of great voice quality, underpinned by some of the most stringent SLAs in the business.

Listening to your customers can offer a valuable insight into your organisation: maximising customer service, helping with staff training, and ensuring peace of mind when it comes to due diligence.

Gamma’s intuitive and secure call recording solution is deeply integrated with Citycom’s cloud platform, giving direct control to you over both your telephony and your call recording solution.

  • One intuitive software service – recordings can be accessed, downloaded and noted on from one web login.
  • Record the speaker, not the number – Advanced Call Recording will record your users, whether they are speaking on a mobile, office phone, or soft client.
  • Order and use on a native cloud platform – you’ll have a scalable investment, with a clear, usage based payment structure.

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