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Your dedicated IT and telecommunications provider

Citycom is an end-to-end provider of telecoms and IT solutions. We tailor products and services to help clients take control of their mobile infrastructure – cutting costs and administration, while increasing staff productivity.

Our range of services includes Mobile and Security Management, Unified and Managed Services, Call Recording and Connectivity.

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Our mission

To provide our Clients with seamless communications so they may focus on their core business.

Citycom oversees the complexities of Mobile, Fixed Line, Broadband, Cloud, Networking and more to ensure our Clients receive the best in service and value with the minimum of fuss.

To deliver product expertise and knowledge, providing leading-edge communications solutions, enabling our Clients to stay one step ahead of their competition.

At Citycom, we believe in partnerships and treat your business as if it were ours.

We work with a number of providers to offer a full end-to-end service.

Citycom was founded by Vinod Kakkar in 2008.

Citycom’s clients cover a broad range of industries and sectors and include some of the UK’s largest businesses.

Year on year growth has seen Citycom become one of the UK’s leading providers of communications and IT services in less than 10 years.

In 2018, Citycom became a Total Communications Partner of Vodafone, the highest award a partner can attain.


Average savings for our clients with moving their IT and telecommunications services to Citycom.


Customer satisfaction. Our support team prides itself on the quality of care and support offered to our customers.

18 mins

The average response time of our support team to any technical queries is just 18 minutes.

Meet the Citycom team

Vinod Kakkar

In my role as the founder of Citycom, I have a clear and compelling vision for the company’s future. I am driven by a deep passion for simplifying mobility management and spearheading digital business transformation.

Citycom is poised to be the premier provider of business telecoms solutions in the UK. We offer a comprehensive suite of services, including mobile, fixed, and cloud solutions, tailored to meet the diverse needs of businesses across the spectrum.

At the heart of my vision is the unwavering commitment to empowering managers and businesses. I firmly believe in equipping our clients with innovative products and tools that will enable them to streamline operations, reduce costs, and maximise the performance of their communication networks and workforce.

As the founder of Citycom, my ultimate goal is to be a catalyst for successful digital business transformations. I envision Citycom as a trusted partner for CIOs, providing them with the expertise and state-of-the-art solutions necessary to navigate the ever-evolving digital landscape and stay ahead of the competition.

I take great pride in leading Citycom and fostering a culture of excellence and innovation. Together with my dedicated team, we are driven to deliver exceptional value and unparalleled service to our clients, solidifying Citycom’s position as the visionary leader in the industry.

Citycom has the privilege of serving both FTSE 100 customers and Global Enterprise customers.

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Rashmina Kakkar FCCA

I joined Citycom in 2015 as Finance and Operations Director. Primarily responsible for all finance functions, I oversee day-to-day processes by working with our IT team to develop robust billing systems.

I am passionate about providing my team with strategic leadership and guidance and encouraging growth and development to better Citycom and our clients’ businesses.

The experience I bring to Citycom helps support our growth and supplier and client relationships. Having graduated in Accounting and Finance, I’ve worked with multinational organisations, including Sotheby’s and Markit, involved directly in multiple M&A transactions globally. This experience has given me extensive knowledge of Financial Analysis, Budgeting & Forecasting, Synergy Savings and Account Management.

At Citycom, we are focused on delivering an outstanding client experience, which includes our products and services and how our clients interact with Citycom. At an operational level, I help to lead and develop the systems that facilitate this experience. We strive to deliver better service daily, embracing innovation and technological advancement for the betterment of every stakeholder in our business, from clients to colleagues and suppliers.

Our team will take you places. We’re not just dedicated to making technology work for your business; we’re committed to helping you explore the digital market, identify opportunities, and position your organisation for success.

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