Mako Networks

Mako Networks

Providing network security for enterprises requiring multiple site access

Citycom has partnered with Mako Networks to provide network security for clients who have multiple locations all requiring central IT access.

If you are a Retail, Forecourt, Convenience, Franchise, Fast Food or Remote Working organisation then Mako could be the solution for you.

What is a Mako system?

The Mako System is a PCI-certified, cloud-managed, carrier-independent networking solution that makes it easy to connect and manage thousands of global sites in a high-performance business network that is secure, reliable, scalable and cost-effective.

It consists of two parts: the Mako CMS management application and a range of managed Mako devices which together create a dynamic, Secure Edge and SD-WAN ecosystem..

Mako system

The Mako System is a dynamic solution that can handle the requirements of businesses in any industry or market.

Mako is designed to address the specific challenges of distributed enterprises and retail enterprises. Working with Mako, Citycom can provide network hardware including Devices, Security Gateways, VPN Concentrators and Access Points.

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