Global Relay

Global Relay

Simplify your communication

Citycom are ready to provide your business with a Software-as-a-Service solution that enables secure off-site archiving and long-term storage for virtually every major electronic message type used in business.

It creates a permanent, tamperproof copy of all incoming, internal and outgoing electronic messages. Intuitive web-based search and retrieval features give users rapid access to current and historical message records, even if the original has been deleted.

Whatever your business need, Citycom can help you capture, retrieve, and review all your communications data via a market-leading, powerful, corporate intelligence platform.

Features and benefits

If required, could someone within your business find a specific communication from more than three years ago? With the solution we offer, you can. A simple enterprise-class, data management corporate intelligence solution that has been tested against the stringent demands of regulatory compliance.

Never lose a message again. An easy-to-operate solution that delivers results and insights in seconds; saving time and money for IT departments.

Reduce costs and avoid capital expenditures. As an outsourced, cloud-based solution, our offering requires no software, hardware or programming and eliminates the expense of maintaining in-house message storage – and can be deployed within hours of sign-up.

The real-time, firm-wide monitoring capabilities enable detection of inappropriate message content that violates your company policies and threaten your culture.

The archive provides an indisputable chronological time-date stamped record to help safeguard you in the event of any issues, errors or challenges with customers, suppliers, or employees. It is your first and last line of defence.

Email and other message types can be legally admissible as evidence during legal proceedings. The archive produces evidentiary-quality electronic records with full audit trails on message history.

Whether it’s email, Microsoft Teams, Zoom or Slack; your messages are a record of your business. Proper management of these records is a crucial element in protecting your firm’s intellectual capital.

Why is this a pressing requirement now? Since the pandemic, the rise of hybrid working has resulted in drastic changes to the way that businesses communicate, so it’s no longer just emails and phone calls. This has led to an explosion in digital communication that is challenging firms of all sizes to ensure they are meeting their regulatory obligations.

The landscape is changing, and the days of simply archiving email are sunsetting. Now there is a requirement to capture more data types and for some, that requirement is here now.

Citycom can connect you to a platform that archives over 100+ data types; the most common being Outlook email and Microsoft (MS)Teams. We also archive Zoom, WhatsApp, Voice, Text, Slack, Google; and any additional non- email communication types in one, unified platform; meeting all your retention needs via a single solution. That is what makes this offering unique.

What Citycom can offer

  • Help you keep an effective, consolidated archive of all your messages, across a vast array of communication data types.
  • A solution that helps you archive for regulatory purposes and ensure compliance.
  • A platform to monitor culture and safeguard your people.
  • A solution we offer has been named a leader nine consecutive times in the Gartner® Magic Quadrant™ for Enterprise Information Archiving.
  • An archive for more than 100 data types, include:
    • Microsoft Teams
    • Microsoft 365
    • Microsoft Exchange
    • Zoom
    • WhatsApp
    • Slack

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