We can help with every aspect of your mobile device, network and security needs. Our solutions keep your costs under control and, optimise how you run your mobile infrastructure for the benefit of you and your users.

Lower your mobile charges with fixed cost international roaming.

Maintain control with flexible, scalable plans to fit any business.

Manage hardware & mobile devices with a Citycom dedicated account engineer.

Optimize your calling plan with in-person quarterly tariff reviews.

We’ll assign you an account manager who will look at ways of ensuring your mobile service is optimised, secure, cost efficient and, easy to run and administer.


Our experience of dealing with an extensive number of use cases across a range of different size companies means we are ideally placed to help you discover which mobile solutions are right for you. We work with you to map out your business and its goals and then define which solutions will be best for you.

Our account managers continue to monitor your progress and through a series of regular reviews ensure that the right solutions are available to you, as your organisation needs them.

Mobile Security & Management

We work with our clients to tailor a Mobile Device Management (MDM) solution to help them manage productivity of their users – without compromising security and compliance.

No matter how complicated your requirements in terms of content, devices, policies, permissions and geography, we can help you manage, configure and secure all your mobile devices from just one dashboard.

Call Recording

More and more businesses need to record conversations for compliance, customer service, quality control and training. But Call Recording is no longer a chore, as businesses are now realising that call recording can increase productivity and profitability.

Reporting & Analytics

We’ve developed our own reporting tool to keep you informed of your mobile users’ activity. Drill down into calls, data and users to get a detailed and up to date picture of what’s happening in your organisation.

If you’ve ever been surprised by charges for unusual usage (‘bill shock’) or wasted time collating data for reports, then our reporting and analytics tool is for you.


Each of our clients has their own account manager. Your account manager will find you the best tariff and then regularly review your account to see if those tariffs need to be amended if there are further cost savings available, or improvements to be made.

Your account manager will take your usage data and run it through our systems to analyse the types of calls being made, the locations from where and to calls are being made and the types and amounts of data being used across your user base.

If you have queries about your bill they can take them up on your behalf. They’ll also help you use our Reporting and Analysis tool so you can keep on top of all your mobile users.


We have relationships with all the major distributors of handsets for all the major networks and devices. We offer 24 month warranties, insurance and full hardware management for the life cycle of your devices.

If you’d like to ‘try before you buy’ you can. We even offer a pre-configured option so your phone is ready to go right out of the box.


Cases, covers, screen protectors, chargers, data cables, mounts, stands, and more. We supply accessories from a number of the leading brands.

Equipment fund

You can use your equipment fund to buy accessories to enhance and personalise your mobile device.


Recycle your old, out-dated or broken mobile devices. We offer end-to-end recycling solutions that are simple to administer.

Refurbish or sell used devices

We can help you refurbish your devices to “good-as-new” condition and assign them to other team members. We can also buy back your old handsets at a fair price and credit your equipment fund. Alternatively, you can offset old devices against the cost of new ones.

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