ID2 Media

ID2 Media bringing stories to life

Creating videos all around the globe

ID2 Media creates video content for some of the biggest brands in the world. From idea conception through to filming and editing, the company has a complete in-house team managing every aspect of production.

The video production company never misses a call, in the office or on location, thanks to One Net Business. ID2 Media brings stories to life, from social media videos to corporate communications. From its base in the North West of England, the team travels to sites across the globe and needed to be able to take a call and start recording, any time of day, and any day of the week.

company overview

Whether it’s small, intimate videos or large commercial productions, ID2 Media creates video content for some of the world’s biggest names. With a dedicated team of producers, editors, and designers, the company has been creating new and visually interesting videos for almost twenty years.

the problem

In such a deadline-driven industry with a need to be on location, ID2 Media needed a communications solution that was equally flexible. It chose One Net Business, and now the team never misses a call – or an opportunity. Our cloud-based phone system seamlessly connects its fixed and mobile phones. Improve the efficiency of communications and staff availability across the business. Allow clients and customers to interact with staff across mobile and desk phones, even when staff are out of the office. Ensure better cost-predictability for staff when travelling abroad.

“It really has enabled us to stay connected to customers. We’re always contactable and we can always put our customers first.”

Mark Poole Managing Director. ID2 Media

the solution

Vodafone One Net Business is a secure, cloud-based phone system that joins ID2 Media’s fixed lines and mobiles. Desk phones and mobiles are connected by one number, so customers and clients are always able to reach a staff member. Roaming with Business Traveller tariff for fixed-cost calls and data when travelling abroad.

“Whether we’re out in the field or on location, people need to contact us. We need to be able to respond to opportunities twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. It’s important that we’re always ready to face challenges.”

Mark Poole Managing Director. ID2 Media

The results

Using One Net Business, calls can be redirected, so staff never need to worry about missing a call. Improved staff productivity through ability to divert calls to mobile with Hunt Group feature. Improved cost predictability when travelling abroad - staff can keep track of projects despite being away from the office. Better account management by bringing together fixed lines and mobiles onto one simple contract.