CareTech consolidated all their mobile communications providers into a single Citycom solution and reduced their mobile spend by 27%.

Caretech Community Services – "Building brighter futures."

During the last 7 years, CareTech has acquired and added over 15 companies to its portfolio. Their data and voice spend was really high, and all those company acquisitions left them with an inaccurate asset register. With over 700 active phone lines it was becoming near impossible to sort out.

CareTech works across the UK, supporting people with disabilities and challenging behaviors, and helping them discover a more independent way of life. Their patients are number one priority, but sometimes the pressure of addressing other responsibilities – like admin – gets in the way.

company overview

Folkestone, UK
£123.3m Annual Revenue (2014)
3.500+ Employees
Founded 1993

Remarkable FAQs
250 Healthcare Related Services
Care Capacity
Adult Learning Disability (1,450)
Mental Health (150)
Foster Care (320)
Young People Residential (153)

Target Market
Key Verticals: Hospitals & Healthcare

the problem

The team was looking for a solution that would transform their admin process – simplifying it while giving them the visibility to make the right care decisions. To achieve this transformation, we’re helping carers check and share critical patient information when making care home visits, thanks to Citycom’s managed solutions and our ability to join up communications on a single platform. Our Unified Communications mean carers can make effective use of their time. They can spend less of it worrying about admin and more on what matters most – caring for their patients.

“We were lacking the visibility we needed to make the right decisions”

Wahid Cockar, Group IT Director, CareTech

the solution

For almost 6 months, CareTech evaluated provider solutions before selecting Citycom. Citycom’s first task was to work with CareTech’s IT team to conduct a comprehensive audit of it’s mobile communications providers. This included reconciling the asset register to determine the location and assignment of each line and device. The audit revealed approximately 200 lines which were not in use. Within 3 weeks of the execution order, Citycom migrated all of CareTech s phones and data SIM cards into a Citycom bespoke tariff plan with Vodafone. Microsoft Office 365 gives CareTech team members cloud-based email and Skype for Business on every device. CareTech also opted for Citycom’s Managed Services programme. This means they receive monthly account reviews, spend alerts, and device features. In just the short time since the switch to Citycom, CareTech has reduced its mobile spend by 27%.

“Citycom provided us with a very specialised hybrid service. They went in and assessed what we use and how we use it.”

Wahid Cockar, Group IT Director, CareTech

The results

Reduced Mobile Spend by 27%

Reconciled Asset Register

Mobile Device Management (MDM)