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Call Recording

More and more businesses need to record conversations for compliance, customer service, quality control and training. But Call Recording is no longer a chore, as businesses are now realising that call recording can increase productivity and profitability.

Our call recording solutions are designed to integrate with your mobile, fixed-line, mobile, SMS and VOiP, infrastructure, so no matter where your users are, we can find a solution that will work for them and you.

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Re:Call Mobile Call & SMS Recording App

With Re:Call you can record mobile calls and texts for training and regulatory compliance. Unlike other recording services, this app does not need a data connection as it uses your mobile provider’s network.

Re:call takes less than 2 minutes to set up once downloaded the app. It sits alongside the device’s native dialler so it’s easy to find when you need to record a call. Recordings are stored securely in the cloud and can be played immediately in the web-based portal. Re:call is MiFID II and GDPR compliant.

SIM Based Mobile Voice & SMS Recording

Our Mobile SIM is the most popular mobile call-recording compliance product in the world.

Both inbound and outbound calls are recorded, along with SMS communications, no matter where your workers are. There’s no software to install, calls are stored securely and our product meets new regulations such as MiFID II.

There are two options to choose from:

Mobile SIM for comprehensive compliance is always on. Because it’s a SIM, users don’t realize it’s there and it’s very easy to use. Messages are stored on our servers and can be accessed worldwide. It also has a monthly reporting feature.

On-Demand Mobile SIM let’s you record a call at any point, simply by pressing a button. Recordings of calls can then be sent to designated contacts.

Skype for Business Recording

Skype for Business Recording meets regulatory compliance so you can now safely introduce it into your business communications with employees and customers.

Skype for Business recording saves the voice element from the calls. This is a secure, cloud-based solution that can be applied across many locations quickly and cost effectively.

Cloud Call Recording

Wherever your workers are, you can record inbound and outbound calls with Cloud Call Recording. Cloud Call Recording let’s you set the level of security to exceed current compliance standards and recordings are encrypted so only the right people can access them.

Cloud Call Recording is very easy for users. You simply dial a system number and then follow the instructions. You can choose how long the calls are stored for.

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